Performance and Technical data

  • Especially designed as per international formulations for any new concrete work waterproofing integral application.


    • Highly recommended for plaster interior and exterior both.
    • All kind of constructions..
    • Water tank R.C.C work, slab, gallery , showers, fountains and bathrooms.
    • Dam and cannels.
    • Water contain area –like compound wall plaster, pond wall R.C.C plaster.
    • Industries and go down wall plaster.
    • All residential and commercial buildings exteriors.



    • Complies to: IS 2645
    • Form: liquid
    • Colour: Brown
    • Safety: use goggles and gloves /non toxic
    • Packing: 250 ml,500 ml,1,5 20 and 50 liters.
How to Use

  • Mix cement sand and aggregate as per recommended design.
  • Take water in bucket - to mix, as per design recommendation.
  • Add 100 to 250 ml. concrete proof in to water per bag of cement used in mix.
  • Pour 1/3 qty concrete proof mixed water in to dry mix.
  • Mix thoroughly bin to mechanical mixer for three to five minute.
  • Pour again remaining water mixed concrete proof in to mixer .
  • Mix thoroughly for five to seven minute.


  • Reduces permeability of  R.C.C work.
  • Improved workability and slump.
  • Excellent strength achievement.
  • Reduces cohesion and segregation.
  • Chloride free.
  • Protect steel to corrosion.


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