Performance and Technical data


    CONZO CONPROOF PWD is composed of waterproofing additives, dispersed in inert fine filler. It is an integral powder-waterproofing admixture used for waterproofing of concrete and cement plasters because It makes concrete cohesive & reduces porosity & improve water tightness.


    • Dosage : 1kg  of CONZO CONPROOF PWD Waterproof for 50 kgs bag of cement.
    • Packaging : 1KG
    • Shelf Life & Storage : Shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacturing in unopened containers.
    • Certification
      Meets the following standards as per
      • IS : 2645 – 75 standard
How to Use

Method of Application


  • Add CONZO CONPROOF PWD Waterproof to the dry mix of cement sand and mix evenly with a spade, until an even mix is obtained.
  • Add the measured quantity of potable water as per decided W/C ratio and mix to a homogeneous & uniform consistency concrete/mortars.
  • Place the mixed concrete/mortar into shuttering, provided
  • Cure the concrete/mortar surface as per regular practices of water curing.


  • Charge the Cement & sand as per the mix design into concrete mixer & mix for one minute. Add 1kg of CONZO CONPROOF PWD Waterproof for every 50 kg bag of cement. & mix for one minute.
  • Add the measured quantity of potable water as per W/C ratio and mix for 2-3 minutes to a lumps free homogeneous concrete.
  • Place the mixed concrete mortar into shuttering provided.
  • Cure the concrete/mortar surface as per regular practices of water curing.

Areas of Application

  • Basements,
  • Roof slabs and screeds,
  • Water retaining structures,
  • External plastering,
  • Bathrooms
  • Balconies.
  • Features


Corrosion - Chloride-free hence no chances of corrosion of reinforcement bars.

Water seepage - As an effective pore filler, helps to fill capillaries and pores to prevent water seepage.

Consistency - Makes the mix cohesive and denser, hence the concrete & plaster has reduced permeability.

Economics – Most economical waterproofing additive, reduces water absorption.

Setting & strength - Does not affect the setting time and strength. Of the cured concrete.

Compatibility – Compatible with all types & grades of cements.


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