Performance and Technical data

  • Conzo Bond SBR Advance is based on modified Styrene-butadiene latex used for high-performance applications in waterproofing and repairs. it is used for repairs of spalled concrete such as – floors, columns, beams, chhajjas, slabs & waterproofing of toilets & bathrooms & terraces. it bonds strongly to old & new concrete & plaster.



    • PROPERTIES                                         RESULTS
    • Appearance                                          Free flowing liquid
    • Colour                                                   Milky white
    • Specific gravity @30°C. gms / ml      1.02 + 0.02
    • pH value                                               7 – 9
    • Chemical resistance                           Resists mild acids & alkalies
    • freeze thaw resistance                      Excellent
    • Coverage
    • For Bonding & waterproofing applications
    • 1 kg of super latex will cover 70 - 80 sq. ft. area in 2 coats for a proportion mix 1 : 4 : 7

              (Super Latex : Water : Cement).


    • 1, 5 & 20 Kg
How to Use


  • Clean the surface with wire brush or scrubber to remove hidden dirt, loose particles. Laitance, & dust. Degrease the surface by using suitable solvents
  • Repair the concrete spalled portion by saw cutting the extreme edges of the repair location to a depth of at least 10 mm to avoid featheredging & to provides a strong substrate
  • Roughen the surface by light scabbling or grit blasting
  • Clean the concrete surface to remove any contamination where breaking is not possible.
  • expose corroded rebars in the repairing area fully. Remove all loose scales & corrosion deposits & immediately clean the surface.


  • Reduces drying & aging shrinkage cracks
  • It prevents cracking by improving flexural strength
  • It is a multipurpose & economical product, easy to use
  • Improves the hardness & prevents dust generation
  • Bonds strongly to concrete, masonry, stone work, plasters, steel, asphalt & mostof the building materials.
  • Improves abrasion resistance of cement mix.
  • Improvers erosion resistance & prevents corrosion.
  • Prevents leakage & dampness.
  • Enhances strength of a repair mortar & provides durability.


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